Jacques Rancourt

Jacques Rancourt : a poet, essayist, photographer and translatorJacques Rancourt, born in Quebec (Lac-Mégantic) in 1946, is a poet, essayist, photographer and translator. After graduating from Laval University in Quebec, he arrived in Paris in 1971 to continue his studies in French literature and has lived in Paris ever since. He earned a Doctorate in French literature from the University of Paris, having written his doctoral thesis on French-language African and Caribbean poetry after the literary movement known as “Négritude”. He is the author or co- author of many works on contemporary French poetry. His international and multidisciplinary approach to poetry has led him to direct the France-Québec literary prize (from 1996 to 2005) and the French-English Poetry Festival (from 1982 to 2014). In 1983, he founded the revue “La Traductière”, an international journal of poetry and visual arts.
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