It is well known that traveling for kids is not only a fun time for parents, but also plays a big role in their development.

As much as it is enjoyable, sometimes it can become a challenge : where to stay, where to eat, which places are child friendly to visit or simply where the kids can relax and have fun in the playground.

Let us help you with that a bit!

To start with, we can say that Paris is a really child-friendly city. If you plan to visit the most popular monuments, most of them are within walking distance. Most of the monuments are surrounded by parks or even playgrounds where the kids can have their own fun.

So, where to stay? It’s easy! Hotel Marignan (us :⊃ ) has more than 50 years’ experience welcoming families from all over the word. The rooms for up to 5 persons make it possible for everyone to stay in the same room,  and our extra services help not only to minimize the cost but also to travel lighter! Find all information HERE .

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Paris Quartier du Livre. Damien Roudeau

We are proud to participate for the third time in the “Paris Quartier du Livre” festival organized by the 5th arrondissement City Hall and dedicated this year to ecology, around the theme “The Earth is a person” (« La Terre est une personne »).  This is one of the first events organized since the “deconfinement” (easing of sanitary restrictions).
What a beautiful symbol of renewal for our neighborhood, known since the Middle Ages for its publishing activity, as well as for the many authors and artists who lived and worked in the Latin Quarter.

This year, we welcome once again Damien Roudeau, who exhibited at the Hotel Marignan in 2019 plates from his album about the backstage of the Comédie Française.

Damien Roudeau, born in 1981, is a specialist in illustrated documentaries.  He has already published nine books on themes as diverse as the Calais “jungle,” the workers in the port of Brest, and the Comédie Française.

This time, his album “L’Eau Vive”, written with Alain Bujak, is in the spotlight.

Damien Roudeau goes to the roots of one of the first ecological fights in France, the battle to preserve the Loire, one of the last untamed rivers in Europe, from a dam construction project that would have swallowed up traditional villages and part of the Loire gorges.  This victorious battle, led by ordinary citizens in love with this corner of preserved nature, has served as a model for many other battles in France and elsewhere.Damien Roudeau immersed himself in the activities of the citizens who became activists to transmit their passion and their learning of the workings of communication and political activism. “L’eau Vive” received the Sunflower Prize of the Comics Angoulême 2021.

An exhibition will also be organized from June 2 to July 30, from 10:30 am to 9 pm every day.


Every client of the Hotel Marignan has visited the Place Maubert, either to take the metro or to buy fresh bread, wine, cheese or fruit from one of the stores that line the square.   Very busy on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, when there is a large and colorful open air market, the square is rather empty on other days. Let’s engage in a bit of time travel to imagine this area in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the 19thcentury… Continue reading PLACE MAUBERT

Hotel MARIGNAN: for your whole family

Hotel Marignan                 Parisian Family hotel since 1955. Depuis 1955. In a Latin Quarter


The Latin Quarter is ideally located for a stay in Paris: it is central, and very close to many tourist and cultural sites. It’s “The Place to be”, especially when you are coming to visit a capital with your family. Continue reading Hotel MARIGNAN: for your whole family

BOTANICAL GARDENS (Jardin des Plantes)

The beautiful Jardin des Plantes (botanical garden) also encompasses a 19th century hothouse, the Gallery of Evolution, the Minerology and Geology museum, and a  Ménagerie (zoo) housing animals from all over the world.  There is something here to interest young and old.  The Jardin des Plantes was created in the 17th century as a medicinal garden for Louis XIII.  Today, it includes five gardens inspired by different environments, including an Alpine garden, an iris garden and a rose garden.  The hothouse featuring tropical and desert plants is not to be missed, both for its iron and glass architecture and for the beauty and rarity of the plants.  The Gallery of Evolution features taxidermy and exhibitions about the diversity of species and their environments.  On the ground floor, children and adults alike love the exhibition showing a “Noah’s Ark” parade of animals in all their diversity.  The Minerology and Geology Museum houses incredible rock and mineral specimens and special exhibitions.  The Menagerie was created in 1794 and today houses some 1800 animals, including many rare species.  The manageable size of the museum makes it a good outing with children.

The garden, the museums and the zoo all organize many special events for children and adults alike.  For more information:


Botanical Gardens (until September 27th) : 7.30 – 20.00

Gallery of Evolution: 10.00 – 18.00; closed Tuesdays. Reopens June 24th.

Hothouse: 10.00 – 18.00; closed Tuesdays. Reopens June 24th.

Minerology and Geology Museum: 10.00 – 18.00; closed Tuesdays. Reopens June 24th.

Zoo: 9.00 – 18.00; Sundays and holidays: 9.00 – 18.30


How to get there?

The main entrance is located at Place Valhubert in the 5th arrondissement, near the Austerlitz train station.  To get there, take the metro from Place Maubert (line 10) to the last stop, Austerlitz, or Bus 63. It is a 10 minute ride.  Other entrances to the garden are located at 36 rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 18 rue Buffon and 57 rue Cuvier in the 5th arrondissement.


Hotel Marignan’s advice

You can easily spend a pleasant day here with your children, and take a leisurely walk back to the hotel along the Seine.  You will pass in front of the Arab Institute and have a beautiful view of the Ile Saint-Louis and the Ile-de-la-Cité (Notre Dame) on your right.  Tip for adults: the Botanical Garden is a great place to jog early in the morning.

LA VILLETTE: Science and Industry Museum and park

The Science and Industry Museum, opened in 1986, was part of a huge urban renewal project which transformed the site of the former slaughterhouses of Paris.  The museum is designed to be a hands-on learning experience for young and old.  The permanent exhibition, Explora, covers a wide range of subjects, including space and the universe, mathematics, medicine, and biology. Continue reading LA VILLETTE: Science and Industry Museum and park

BOAT RIDES : Discover Paris’ monuments from the Seine (“Bateaux Mouches”)

A boat ride on the Seine is one of the classic experiences for visitors to Paris, and rightly so! Discovering Paris from the Seine makes it easy to understand the geography of Paris and the location of some of the city’s major monuments: Notre Dame, the Ile de la Cité, the Ile Saint-Louis, the Louvre, the Pont des Arts, the Institut de France, the place de la Concorde, the Tuileries Garden…not to mention the Eiffel Tower!

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La Fabrique Givrée

Copyright Aurelien Baillly; Ice-creams Summer in Paris can be hot.  What better excuse for a delicious gourmet ice cream or sorbet??  La Fabrique Givrée was created in the Ardèche region in south central France in 2012 by three friends.  The ice cream shop near the Panthéon, opened couple years ago, was their first in Paris, and it immediately attracted a loyal following.  The ice cream is made only of natural, seasonal ingredients, so don’t expect strawberry ice cream in January…For a real treat, order a “tasting” of six small scoops.  In our opinion, this ice cream is even better than the famous Bertillon! Why not see for yourself?   Continue reading La Fabrique Givrée

Jacques Rancourt

Jacques Rancourt : a poet, essayist, photographer and translatorJacques Rancourt, born in Quebec (Lac-Mégantic) in 1946, is a poet, essayist, photographer and translator. After graduating from Laval University in Quebec, he arrived in Paris in 1971 to continue his studies in French literature and has lived in Paris ever since. He earned a Doctorate in French literature from the University of Paris, having written his doctoral thesis on French-language African and Caribbean poetry after the literary movement known as “Négritude”. He is the author or co- author of many works on contemporary French poetry. His international and multidisciplinary approach to poetry has led him to direct the France-Québec literary prize (from 1996 to 2005) and the French-English Poetry Festival (from 1982 to 2014). In 1983, he founded the revue “La Traductière”, an international journal of poetry and visual arts.
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The month of joy, lights and magic! Beside the beautiful decorations in most of the streets, many special concerts and people rushing around in the shops there is one very important detail of the Christmas period – Christmas markets! That’s where we go to buy presents and breath in the real Christmas spirit.


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Maintenant que les vacances d’été sont un lointain souvenir, vous pensez peut-être à vos prochaines vacances et souhaitez planifier un séjour agréable.  Et pourquoi pas un voyage à Paris, en famille ou avec des amis? Voici quelques conseils pour organiser une visite dans la Ville Lumière pour quatre à cinq personnes en trois étapes ! Et surtout, sans casser votre tirelire!   Continue reading VOTRE MEILLEUR SÉJOUR À PARIS


Back from your summer holidays, looking forward to already planned holidays, and to some you can create by yourself? How? Take your family or some of your best friends to Paris! Here is a guide on how to enjoy the City of Light for 4-5 travelers in 3 steps! Most important – without breaking the bank!

STEP 1. Where to sleep
STEP 2. Where to eat
STEP 3. What to do in Paris

STEP 1. Where to sleep

The Latin Quarter is probably the most strategic place in the French capital. It is central, very safe, full of cultural places… It’s just the place to be. 

The problem is that it is also one of the most expensive, and the bill can go up very quickly. 

The hotel Marignan has been recently renovated to offer you comfortable accommodation for 4 or 5 people. Free services to make your stay easy and pleasant : wifi fiber optic, washing machine and dryer, kitchen, printing. The price includes breakfast and taxes.


A.   Hotel MARIGNAN : Room with Private toilet & Private Shower

Room for 4-5 people from 157€ */ 4 persons / night


*Prices depend on the season. For complimentary information look HERE


B.   Hotel MARIGNAN : Room with Private toilet & Shared Shower

Room for 4-5 people with a private toilet. Shower is shared with max 2 other rooms from 134€ * / 4 persons / night 


*Prices depend on the season. For complimentary information look HERE


STEP 2. Where to eat 

Paris is also known for the quality of its restaurants. Wondering where to get the best quality / price ratio ? Here are our suggestions:  

 1. L’invitée 


2. Chez Gladines 


3. Le Trumilou


STEP 3. What to do in Paris

Since you are in Paris the choice of museums and cultural sites to be visited can bend your mind. So here our suggestions : 


REMEMBER : All year round, 1st Sunday of the month most of the museums are Free.

 Museum of Modern Art . This museum hosts a large collection of late 19th and 20 th century art  ( Picasso, Dufy, Bonnard and others). Free visit for permanent collections.


59 rue de Rivoli : an artist’s atelier. 30 artists studios open to the public 6 days a week in a Haussmann-style building with a facade  which is decorated every month in a different mood and style. Free entrance.



Luxembourg Garden One of the most famous public parks on the left bank. A good place to read a book or stroll. You can sail a toy boat on the pond or enjoy a children’s puppet show and the playgrounds. Free entrance.

 Botanical gardens (jardin des plantes)  The beautiful Jardin des Plantes, with many examples of different plant species; the Gallery of Evolution, with skeletons and taxidermy of various animals, and the Menagerie (zoo) housing animals from all over the world.


Science museum An excellent museum of science and technology in the eastern part of Paris with a special wing dedicated to discovery for kids (La Cité des Enfants) surrounded by a spacious, lush park, playgrounds, carrousels and interesting sculptures.



Caveau de la Huchette  Whether you are a Jazz-Lover, like to dance, or are a professional musician, the exceptional atmosphere of the club  is definitely what you are looking for.

Ground control A whole city of culture and activities which also organize great  night shows with DJs. Free entrance.



Boat Rides (Bateaux mouches) Want to explore Paris from a different viewpoint? Try it from the boat on the Seine! The boat ride is always attractive and informative.

BUY Tickets at Hotel Marignan for the better price

 The Eiffel Tower is among the most-visited monuments in the world!  Enjoy the breathtakingly unique views of Paris from every floor day or night, summer or winter!

Arc de Triomphe A unique viewpoint from the top of the panoramic terrace!


Contact us if you would like information for your next visit, and if you have other suggestions do not hesitate to add them in the comments.