It is well known that traveling for kids is not only a fun time for parents, but also plays a big role in their development.

As much as it is enjoyable, sometimes it can become a challenge : where to stay, where to eat, which places are child friendly to visit or simply where the kids can relax and have fun in the playground.

Let us help you with that a bit!

To start with, we can say that Paris is a really child-friendly city. If you plan to visit the most popular monuments, most of them are within walking distance. Most of the monuments are surrounded by parks or even playgrounds where the kids can have their own fun.

So, where to stay? It’s easy! Hotel Marignan (us :⊃ ) has more than 50 years’ experience welcoming families from all over the word. The rooms for up to 5 persons make it possible for everyone to stay in the same room,  and our extra services help not only to minimize the cost but also to travel lighter! Find all information HERE .

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La Fabrique Givrée

Copyright Aurelien Baillly; Ice-creams Summer in Paris can be hot.  What better excuse for a delicious gourmet ice cream or sorbet??  La Fabrique Givrée was created in the Ardèche region in south central France in 2012 by three friends.  The ice cream shop near the Panthéon, opened couple years ago, was their first in Paris, and it immediately attracted a loyal following.  The ice cream is made only of natural, seasonal ingredients, so don’t expect strawberry ice cream in January…For a real treat, order a “tasting” of six small scoops.  In our opinion, this ice cream is even better than the famous Bertillon! Why not see for yourself?   Continue reading La Fabrique Givrée

Restaurant L’invitée

L’invitée, owned by Guillaume and Romain,  is a cosy but contemporary restaurant which serves inventive French cuisine at a very reasonable price.  The lunch menu, which changes every day,  is a real bargain at 16€.  This special menu, served Tuesday – Friday (except for holidays) includes either a starter, a main dish and coffee, or a main dish, desert and coffee.  L’invitée also offers a chic but informal cocktail bar on Friday and Saturday nights.  Continue reading Restaurant L’invitée

Boulangerie La Maison d’Isabelle

“La baguette” and a daily visit to a “boulangerie” are still an important part of French daily life. So why not visit “La Maison D’Isabelle”.  It opened in April 2018 on the site of a previously well-known bakery that used organic flours, this new independent bakery is a collaboration between the Pichard family and Isabelle Leday.  Isabelle, originally from Le Perche region has had a remarkable career so far, obtaining several diplomas and winning prestigious awards.

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Tea shop La Maison des Trois Thés

A world renowned tea shop located in the 5th arrondissement, this is a must for all tea lovers who want to diversified from another populate Parisian tea place Mariage Freres. This tea shop is run by Maitre Yu-Hui Tseng who is a world renowned tea expert. She carefully chooses every tea that come into her tea house so you are guaranteed always an excellent quality.

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Bouillon Racine has been welcoming guests for more than 100 years! An authentic Art Nouveau atmosphere : bevelled mirrors, painted opalines, stained glass, carved woodworks, marble mosaics and gold-leaf lettering will brings everyone right to the beginning of the XIXth century. Not many restaurants could beat the beauty of its interior design.

Menu changes seasonally, and the dishes are home-made. Today they offer a French cuisine combining traditional dishes and recipes from nowadays.


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