It is well known that traveling for kids is not only a fun time for parents, but also plays a big role in their development.

As much as it is enjoyable, sometimes it can become a challenge : where to stay, where to eat, which places are child friendly to visit or simply where the kids can relax and have fun in the playground.

Let us help you with that a bit!

To start with, we can say that Paris is a really child-friendly city. If you plan to visit the most popular monuments, most of them are within walking distance. Most of the monuments are surrounded by parks or even playgrounds where the kids can have their own fun.

So, where to stay? It’s easy! Hotel Marignan (us :⊃ ) has more than 50 years’ experience welcoming families from all over the word. The rooms for up to 5 persons make it possible for everyone to stay in the same room,  and our extra services help not only to minimize the cost but also to travel lighter! Find all information HERE .

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LA VILLETTE: Science and Industry Museum and park

The Science and Industry Museum, opened in 1986, was part of a huge urban renewal project which transformed the site of the former slaughterhouses of Paris.  The museum is designed to be a hands-on learning experience for young and old.  The permanent exhibition, Explora, covers a wide range of subjects, including space and the universe, mathematics, medicine, and biology. Continue reading LA VILLETTE: Science and Industry Museum and park

Musée CLUNY – The National Museum of the Middle Ages


The Musée Cluny is located in a Medieval mansion next to the ruins ofGallo-Roman baths, from the first or second century and houses one of the most complete medieval art collections and craftwork worldwide. The exhibitions contain an enormous variety of antiques, including tapestries, ivory and sculptures.

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