Coffee shop Nuage Cafe



Adding to the current trend in Paris, Nuage Cafe is a cozy co-working coffee shop welcoming students, professionals and locals in a all-inclusive environment. The hourly rate gives you access to beverages and small food bites.



Hours: From Monday to Saturday 18H00 – 02H00.

Prices: 5€  per hour, beverages and small food bites included.

How to find Nuage Cafe : A 2 min walk from Hotel Marignan14 Rue des Carmes, 75005 Paris

Hotel Marignan advising:

We recommend you bring your laptop and earphones and you can always borrow one of our books for you to read. We also recommend taking a quick stroll to Place Maubert after finishing working to enjoy the market from Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 07H00 – 14H30. Also, if you need to print any documents that you’ve worked on at Nuage Cafe you can do so at Hotel Marignan! Just email us your documents.


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