La Fabrique Givrée

Copyright Aurelien Baillly; Ice-creams Summer in Paris can be hot.  What better excuse for a delicious gourmet ice cream or sorbet??  La Fabrique Givrée was created in the Ardèche region in south central France in 2012 by three friends.  The ice cream shop near the Panthéon, opened couple years ago, was their first in Paris, and it immediately attracted a loyal following.  The ice cream is made only of natural, seasonal ingredients, so don’t expect strawberry ice cream in January…For a real treat, order a “tasting” of six small scoops.  In our opinion, this ice cream is even better than the famous Bertillon! Why not see for yourself?  


Open from Tuesday to Thursday from 12.30 to 21.00; Friday and Saturday from 12.30  to 23.00; Sunday and Monday from 12.30 to 20.00.

How to find La Fabrique Givrée :

Turn left when leaving the hotel and walk straight ahead to the rue Saint Jacques.  Turn left in the rue Saint Jacques and walk in the direction of the Luxembourg Gardens.  Turn left in the rue Soufflot, the fifth street on your left. The store is located at 26 rue Soufflot, 75005 Paris, between the Luxembourg Gardens and the Panthéon.  It is a five minute walk from the hotel.

Hotel Marignan advising:

You can also buy a carton of icecream here and leave it in our freezer to enjoy during your stay at the hotel.


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