Musée CLUNY – The National Museum of the Middle Ages


The Musée Cluny is located in a Medieval mansion next to the ruins ofGallo-Roman baths, from the first or second century and houses one of the most complete medieval art collections and craftwork worldwide. The exhibitions contain an enormous variety of antiques, including tapestries, ivory and sculptures.

Both the art collection and the medieval mansion are extremely interesting to visit, and are very different from the rest of museums in Paris. In addition, the Gallo-Roman baths (Thermes de Cluny) are one of the most valuable constructions of the Antiquity in Paris.

Hours & Prices: 

Wednesday – Monday: 9:15 am – 5:45 pm 

Tuesday: closed 

Adults: 8€ 

Youth (less than 18): free entry 

EU Citizens (ages 18 – 25):free entry 

How to find the Musée CLUNY?

It is 2 min (180 m) walking from the Hotel Marignan:

6 Place Paul Painlevé

75005 Paris

Hotel Marignan advising:

There are a large number of school groups visiting the museum on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Quieter times to visit are between noon and 02.00pm, or after 03.30pm.

One thought on “Musée CLUNY – The National Museum of the Middle Ages”

  1. Musee Cluny is an amazing place to visit, and so close to the Hotel Marignan.
    Good on you Hotel Marignan for starting the blog.
    It will be great for future guests and also myself when I return to
    Paris. Soon I hope.

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