Since the hotel was opened in 1955, there have been several big renovations. We are renovating the rooms consistently, but as everyone understands to do work on the ground floor is a huge project, in terms of  time and organization. And yet, in 2018 we did it.

If you have ever stayed at Hotel Marignan, you know that the space on our ground floor has several purposes. In the mornings we are serving breakfast, during the day until the late evening, our guests can relax, work, exchange or enjoy their own prepared food. Also, the hotel is part of cultural life in Paris, so we sometimes organize small events, such as small concerts, readings, meetings with book authors, and host art and  photo exhibitions.

We had two main objectives – to create a more cosy and more design ambiance for our guests who like to spend their time in the shared space and also to optimize the space and the flow, which is very important, especially during breakfast time. Besides that, we had the most important challenge – to keep the  DNA and the identity of the hotel. In collaboration with an interior designer / architect Sabine Kranz, we believe, this challenge was met!

So, what was done?

We moved the walls!! That’s right! We have expanded the space for breakfast while reducing the room for luggage. Don’t worry, now we can store even more luggage, because the space was optimized!

We changed the floor! High heels or flat shoes now clip-clop on our new parquet floor made of tree trunks in a unique, vintage style by Drakkarbois.

This type of parquet is a noble material that was once used in the streets of Paris, London and New York: it was renowned for its ability to withstand the intense passage of horses. It was therefore appreciated for its extreme durability. Today it is also appreciated for its very decorative aspect.

Something old/new, what we had years and years hidden in our cellar is  a pair of beautiful handmade sliding doors. No one even remember who was this talented person who did such a beautiful job with a Moroccan influence. But today every morning we are happy to open the doors for our guests.

So let’s admit, comfortable seats are very important! We renovated our old chairs and bought a new bench. Thanks to SIF.FR  this seating is not only comfortable, but also gives a lot of charm for our breakfast area. The tables were changed by German company THONET . Maybe because it is also a family company, as Hotel Marignan is, or maybe because of their experience since 1859, the result is absolutely amazing. It looks like those tables have lived in our hotel forever!

While preparing the project, we discussed a lot about the acoustic aspects and sound absorption. To increase it we have chosen to install TAVAPAN acoustic panels, which are used for auditoriums and concert halls. It looks very cosy, and it does it work too.

As long as we are talking about cosiness, we have invested a lot in the lightning. We have installed Italian design lighting from ARTEMIDE  and LEUCOS . Both are well known and acknowledged companies in the industry.

Since from time to time we organize small events at the hotel, as well as presentations, it was important to invest in the good sound system, as well as a video projector. Thanks to BOSE™️ now we can be proud about the great sound : 2 basses and 6 speakers! Couldn’t be better!

Reception stays close to the clients, so our staff can exchange with our guests, have a discussion, give recommendations and/or advice. However, it was reorganized, so receptionists could have a quiet corner while dealing with reservations, and just step up for being with the guests of the hotel.

This project was planned for almost a year, as it was super important to find the best organization. And it was the best thing to do as all the work at the hotel lasted only one month!

We are still thankful to L’invitée ( former Le Prè Verre) restaurant which is just steps away from the hotel for accepting our guests in the mornings for breakfast. And of course, a big  thank you for those who stayed at the hotel during this renovation and stayed flexible and understanding!



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