Tea shop La Maison des Trois Thés

A world renowned tea shop located in the 5th arrondissement, this is a must for all tea lovers who want to diversified from another populate Parisian tea place Mariage Freres. This tea shop is run by Maitre Yu-Hui Tseng who is a world renowned tea expert. She carefully chooses every tea that come into her tea house so you are guaranteed always an excellent quality.



From Tuesday to Sunday 11H00 – 19H30.


5€ to 80€ depending on the type of tea, origin and rarity.

How to find La Maison des Trois Thés

A 2 min walk from Hotel Marignan:

1 Rue Saint-Médard

75005 Paris

Hotel Marignan advising:

We recommend you try the in-house tea tasting menu for 20€ and allow Madame Yu-Hui Tseng take you on a global adventure by tasting teas from all over the world. We also recommend you buying some tea for family and friends or to enjoy at Hotel Marignan. Our kitchen is equipped with a water kettle and tea cups for our guest to prepare and enjoy a hot tea in our newly renovated reception area.

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  1. Thank you for your interesting emails.
    I was saddened about Notre Dame Cathedral. I hope it is restored as
    I think it an important part of Paris.
    Photo’s have been in our newspapers here in Western Australia and it
    does grieve us all to see the destruction.

    1. Thank you for your message about Notre Dame; Glad you like our blog which specialised about the Latin Quarter. In the next 2 month we will publish a lot of articles with our photos. Do not hesitate to forward to your friend. Sincerely Roland Keniger

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