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“La baguette” and a daily visit to a “boulangerie” are still an important part of French daily life. So why not visit “La Maison D’Isabelle”.  It opened in April 2018 on the site of a previously well-known bakery that used organic flours, this new independent bakery is a collaboration between the Pichard family and Isabelle Leday.  Isabelle, originally from Le Perche region has had a remarkable career so far, obtaining several diplomas and winning prestigious awards.

It’s not just because organic products are used that the taste is good, new recipes and ideas are needed to evolve. The flour used comes from « Les Moulins de Brasseuil » and all other ingredients are organically referenced.

One key fact is that the new recipes have a lower dose of salt, but a better taste.

Isabelle won the prize for the « Best croissant in Paris in 2018 » and it’s a good deal at 1€. The pain au chocolat (or chocolatine) isalso delicious. Her classic baguette is excellent value at just 1€ too.

For savoury snacks, particularly for the tourist market they offer a wide range of ready-made sandwiches or quiches and tarts.

Moving across to the patisserie and sweet side of the shop, the style of items offered is classic and « gourmand », the finest selection of fruit tarts, Entrements and Réligieuses. The pièce de résistance is the bag of « Sorbonnettes » thin slices of baguette dipped in caramel. Addictive as well as affordable!


Open Tuesday to Sunday 6h00 until 20h45; Closed on Mondays and during August.

How to find La Maison d’Isabelle

47 ter Boulevard St Germain.

Just 2 minutes away from Hotel Marignan on the Place Maubert, Sandwiched between the Café /Bistro « Le Village » and the Butcher’s


Hotel Marignan’s advice

Hotel Marignan is a strong supporter of locally made and tasty produce .  The scrumptious croissants and baguettes that you eat as part of your Hotel Marignan breakfast  are delivered every morning from La Maison d’Isabelle. Also if you need ready-made snacks for your day of sight seeing ahead you will find good value meal deals with a drink included. Alternatively you can buy your own bread from the wide selection on sale and make sandwiches to go back at the hotel, using fillings from the other local shops. And remember any desserts that you might want to buy can be stored in the guest’s fridge at the Hotel and eaten later in our salon.



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